So You Think You Can Dance So Far

So now that half the dancers have been eliminated from SYTYCD Season 4 I thought I'd reflect on what has happened so far.
First of all, I don't know if its just me but somehow it seems that the dancers aren't quite as good as last season's. Maybe they were more technically trained last year or something. I don' know. Well, probably I'm thinking of the end of the season, when just the best were left. I'll have to revisit this theory after this whole season is over.
Ok, down to my favorite dancers and routines. From week 1 the routine that really sticks in my mind is Katee and Joshua's Hip Hop, army style, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo. The emotion was so believable and the movement so sharp. Chelsea and Mark's contemporary by Mia Michaels was a stand out as well.
In week 2, same two couples. The former doing Broadway, and the later performing the Argentine tango. Matt and Kourtni's foxtrot wasn't too bad either.
3rd week Joshua and Katee's Samba, Matt and Kourtni's Contemporary and Kherington and Twitch's jailbreak Hip Hop were good. But the highlight was definitely Chelsea and Mark's Hip Hop with emotion once again by the amazing Tabitha and Napoleon.
Week 4 is kind of foggy in my mind. Pretty much all the couples mentioned were still doing well, except for Matt and Kourtni who somehow just didn't look comfortable in the styles they did (Hip Hop and Mambo...their element is contemporary). Also Courtney and Gev's New York Broadway routine began to really put them on the map for me, which was reinforced by Gev's awesome solo.
Finally in week 5, I don't know what happened but not many of the routines did anything for me. I thought, however, that Courney and Gev performed well and that Mark and Chelsea were not bad. But most of all I realized how good Katee and Joshua are. Their Bollywood routine was phenomenal and their Waltz wasn't too bad either. The snake move thing at the end made me realize that Katee has nailed everything she's danced!
Well, to conclude I'm fairly happy with the top ten, except for the loss of Matt and Kourtni. Although, they weren't great in any other style besides their own. I wasn't too impressed with Thayne and Comfort and figured it would be either them going home or Will and Jessica, speaking of which...yeah, I don't really sense their personalities at all. I can't think of any funny moments and anything memorable when it comes to them. Well, its said that Will is an amazing technician...maybe so...if Jessica really was dragging him down we'll see how he does next time when the couples get scrambled. Anyways, my favorites and the beginning were Twitch and Mark. Now I'm leaning towards Katee more, and Courtney and Gev more. Right now my prediction for the top 4 is Mark, Joshua, Katee and Chelsea but we shall see...
Anyways if you don't know already...tune in Wed 8pm and Thurs 9pm on Fox for an some awesome dance filled entertainment!


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