So You Think You Can Die

Ahhh, I'm dying right now from the torture. I was so disappointed with today's episode of So You Think You Can Dance because there was a whole lot of mediocre dancing, or moving around is really what it was...ok, let me explain, there were some descent performances tonight, but there were overall more disappointments. First of all, Kherington and Mark. I miss the old couples...and I'm really disliking Kherington. I think she may be going home. I don't really care. But Mark is one of my favourites and I really don't want to loose him yet! I blame the choreography, it was nothing special. Ok, maybe he needs a role to play when he dances, but those are the best kind anyway! Whatever, pretty much Katee is my favourite favourite, so I guess as long as she's there I'll watch. I think Will is good, but he's so serious...he doesn't really do anything for me...neither does Courtney. Ok, so that leaves Joshua, Twitch and Gev for the boys, all of which I like, and Comfort and Chelsea I like. Chelsea I love, Comfort I liked in the robot Hip-hop today but she's not great at other styles so I think she won't be around for very long. Therefore my favs are: all the boys except Will, and Chelsea and Katee(I'm betting on these two girls for top for guys, who knows?(...although I hope Mark!))


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