Happy New Year!

Blogger time is always wrong, so it is in fact 2009 already. I just know I'll be writing the wrong date in my notebooks for a while! So anyways I thought I'd reflect on the past year. 2008 was the year that:
  • I worked at Subway
  • Two friends and amazing people died in a car accident +may they rest in peace+
  • The first African-American president of the United States was elected
  • I designed costumes for an actual on-stage production
  • I turned 20
  • A lot of superhero movies came out: Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight...
  • Heath Leger, Bernie Mac, Paul Newman, Charleston Heston and Arther C. Clark died +may they rest in peace+
  • 100 years passed since the publication of "Anne of Green Gables"
  • The price of gas was crazy high in the summer and dropped dramatically in the winter
  • My cat turned 10
  • 2000 years passed since the birth of St. Paul and the year of St. Paul began
  • There were crazy weather fluctuations-lots of snow in November and early December, rain on Christmas Eve, Crazy hurricane-like winds knockd out power between Christmas and New years
  • I started my 3rd year of post-secondary
  • I read the whole Narnia series
  • I joined my school choir under the amazing Maestro Uwe Lieflander and we performed selections from Handel's Messiah (Not that I did a great job by any stretch of the imagination...but at least I can say I was there...)
  • I managed to stay in touch with friends from high school and play lots of board games, both with them and others (games included Scrabble, Cranium, Disney Scene it! 1st and 2nd ed., Boggle, Balderdash, Rumis, Partini, Scattergories...)
These were only in the order of them coming into my head. I'm sure there are many more things of significance that happened but they are escaping me at the moment. I would like to conclude this entry with an inspiring video. It makes me think of peace on earth, good will towards men/women, and what unites us all as human beings. I think these are very appropriate reflections to kick start the new year and I really applaud the its creators:


P.S. I love it all but especially the parts at 2:25 in Tonga and 2: 37 in India!


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