The Peace and Joy of a New Year

As I wrap up my degree in humanities I am anxiously thinking about what to do next in my life. But my worry is easied and I experience a strange peace and joy, two words that we often hear around Christmas time. But why?

The answer is not far, however it seems distant in the swamp of consummerism that is our culture. If we just step away, take a quiet moment and reflect on what this season is all about we find the key. Yes, a baby was born in a stable over two thousand years ago. But that has a direct impact on our lives today--that baby grew up to be our Saviour. He is the son of God, and He gave Himself completely as a gift to us. That makes all the shiny presents under the tree seem worthless. After all most often they were bought and wrapped with little effort or struggle. In other words, we are loved more than we can possibly ever imagine. The thoughtfulness and sacrifice of our families is but a pale image of that infinite love.

So if God created the whole universe, knows every little hair on our heads and loves us infinitely what do we have to worry about? Well, nothing! We are completely taken care of. Of course we still have to do our parts. God loves us enough to respect our free wills. But He will always be there to help us though everything we go through. Whatever seeming misfortunes and hardships we enounter God will be there and He will bring good out of it. We simply need to keep our eyes on Him so we don't fall into the icky swamp around us.

Now if that's not occation for deep peace and joy within us, I don't know what is!

And that's also the reason why I love art. The wonders of God are reflected in creation. The beauty and awe we find there are infinitly greater in God. The artist makes little creations of his/her own in which that is emphasized and pointed towards.

I feel it is my broad vocation in life to create little works of art that Honour Him by showing little glimmers of His truth, beauty and goodness.


Brian said…
Lovely reflection: and you tell it with a quiet grace and a quiet confidence that it is true in your life. You're a preacher, man!
Emily said…
Aaah, thanks! You are very encouraging! And my first comment ever, yay!!

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