Christmas Break Projects

For the past semester I've been away at costume school. Although it's so very interesting and fun, there is not much time left over for my own projects. And, truth be told, I always seem to find some kind of distraction from the many projects that are swimming through my head. But the plague of procrastination ends here and now. Having 3 weeks of break I've decided to Embark on 3 projects:

Project #1: Create a Hawaiian retirement Paradise for Flopsy the dog
This is going to be a Christmas present for my sister. When she was little she had this cute dog plushy toy named Flopsy, since he is very floppy. His increased flop over the years has resulted in many a remark that Flopsy needs somewhere nice to retire in his old age. I've already made his Hawaiian shirt. Now I just need to find a display case, in which He will be relaxing on hammock, drinking out of a coconut and enjoying the lush surroundings.

Project #2: Sew a Regency period dress for myself
One of the projects we had to do at costume school is create a basic block (a basic pattern) to fit another person exactly. I traced mine off from the person who drafted the block for me. So now that I have this master pattern for myself I really want to make something out of it, putting my new pattern manipuation skills to the test. I've always wanted to make a regency dress put I have tones of thin cotton fabric lying around. If I'm really ambitious I may also make a regency corset from this pattern:

Project #3: Make a Ball jointed Doll from Cold Porcelain
I've been wanting to make a doll for ages. At first I was going to make it cloth. When I started researching ball jointed dolls I got really excited, especially when I found some straight forward tutorials (such as: But then the issue of what medium to use came up. At first I was going to go for super sculpey, but was concerned about strength (plus I can't really get my hands on any at the moment). But then I made an amazing discovery: cold porcelain! The best thing about it is you make it yourself from household ingredients. I'm really excited to try it. great video tutorial here:


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