A Feat of Fondant

I had wanted to make fondant for a while. I researched it and the first method I found looked rather daunting, since it uses many rare-sounding ingredients. But then I found one that simply entailed melting marshmallows (or using a jar of "fluff" spread) and then mixing a whole load of icing sugar into it. So that is what I did and it basically became of soft mass that was essentially an uber-sweet, giant marshmallow. I had to work with it chilled because as soon as it warmed up it was too soft of even lift onto a cake. I also hand to cover my hands with butter and roll it on tons of confectioner's sugar. It was an interesting process and I loved the way the cakes looked (even though I didn't have the patience to iron out all the bumps and make it perfect). But due to the fact that it was mind numbingly sweet and a bit of s sticky mess I don't think I'll be doing it again in the near future. It was definitely worth the try though!

After I baked and cut one of the cakes into a square I had a bunch of samll pieces left. So I thought I'd make it an island in a little, tropical scene.

I made a rainbow cake for my boyfriend's birthday because the theme to our relationship is "In rainbow and storm, together no matter what the weather" ^^

Here is a "shoe shot" of me with me birthday cake, followed by a close-up. I made it light pink with a white bow to look like a present. The raspberries are the real deal.


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