Calligraphy is Captivating

Last year I bought a Lamy fountain pen with a refillable cartridge. Recently I ran out of ink so I bought some Winsor & Newton fountain and dip pen ink. Being equipped I began to write back to a few friends that I've been corresponding with the last few years the good old fashion way. Then when I was cleaning my room I found an old calligraphy set. There was a pen with three changeable ends, each with different width nib. The cartridges were all used up and did not appear refillable. So I just started dipping them the really, super old fashion way. And for super, uber awesome old fashionedness,  I a fixed one of the nibs to a feather...with masking tape, which I must now somehow creatively cover up...working on that.

 Anyhow, here is a small thing I recently "calligraphized." Great fun!


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