My Adventures in G&D Free Food ~ Day #1: Quinoa and Korea

So I thought I'd post my recent experiments in my world of gluten- and dairy-free eating. And I thought I'd try this for at least a week straight. That makes today "Day #1." Here are some recent creations:

Super easy salad I just slapped together. Leftover quinoa with chick peas, tomato, cucumber, spinach, arugula and other mixed greens. Tossed with a simple homemade vinegrette: Olive oil, apple cidar vinegar, garlic, salt and spices.

For Dinner I mixed what was left of the salad with more quinoa and a nice juicy piece of wild salmon fillet. Plus one of my favourite Korean side dishes: Black beans marinated in soy sauce with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. They are salty with a hint of sweetness and their moist, soft exterior tranforms into a happily dense centre. So good!

On that note why don't i use this opportunity to promote Korean food. I only tried it in the last few years and now love it. Definitely one of my favorite Asian Cuisines!


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