Artist Showcase

I am so blessed to know so many wonderful artists among my family and friends. So I thought I would post some of their work.


Maximilian Haig

My brother's drawings are amazing, if I do say so myself. He probably spent at least 5 hours a day drawing for as long as I can remember. An animator by profession, his characters are bold, with priceless facial expressions and stance. This video shows the recent flip book of his work:

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Candace Foy-Chabot

One of my best friends, Candace and I went to high school together and took art every year. We always sat in the same seats across from each other. I hope it's not too much to say we also tied for top art mark in our graduating year. Candace is also an animator and illustrator. Her work is charming and clever:

See more of Candace's work at:


Nicole Scofield

I met Nicole at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, a small Catholic liberal arts post-secondary school. There were definitely many people of many talents. Nicole is one of the most unique and talented people I've ever met. She certainly had, and has, buckets of talent for writing, not to mention acting as well. I'm so glad that we've kept in touch since by handwriting letters too each other. Hers are always beautiful. I'll never forget the letter she sent me with pressed, dried flowers and pen ink she made herself! Her blog has this delightful Caveat Lector:

"The usage of all words contained herein is subject to the usual inaccuracies of mortals, and hence may not represent the true opinions either of the writer, editor, critics, jester, or resident ninja.

None of the above are responsible for any trauma induced by the equivocal use of words, known colloquially as "puns", nor other attempts, successful or otherwise, at humor.

The contents may, and likely will, contain elements that are both Random, Edifying and Disturbing, and hence must be read with caution.

Lastly, none of the above are responsible for any accidental shedding of light upon the truth."
The rest of Nicole's blog cat be seen here:


Nicole Mair

I had the pleasure of going to Dalhousie with Nicole in the Costume Studies program. It's no wonder she was at the top of our graduating class, her costumes are truly professional and breathtaking!