G&D Free ~ Day #2: Grilled Cheese...Without the Cheese, Please

My brother and I have this silly running joke: "I'll take a double, double please...but without the coffee...and actually no milk...and while you're at it, half the sugar please!"

Anyhow, so upon the onset of my craving of a grilled cheese sandwich I set out in search of a dairy, gluten, soy free "cheese." I found two varieties that are decent mostly made of rice. One is supposed to be "jack" style. It has the "rubberiness of real cheese and slices and melts well enough. it has a peculiar taste though, something like processed cheese mixed with Swiss and parmigiana. The second is supposed to be "Cheddar" style. It is denser and more brittle than the first. It's ok, but more bland than real cheddar.

The bread is millet, made by El Peto, a pretty good gluten-free brand. It's a little "white" for my liking, but it's free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn. It does have yeast.

A mediocre grilled cheese, but still resembles the original enough to satisfy the craving!


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