G&C Free: Muffins & Macaroons

Well, after an attempt to post gluten and dairy/casein recipes for a week I sort of succeeded. I posted seven times, but not consecutively. Between trips to the cottage, family visits, preparing to move I consider that a success.

In any case, I shall continue my posts on the subject since I'm having an adventure baking away. And with Gems of Gluten-Free Baking that I bought at Costco, it's a great and delicious experience!

Firstly, Chocolate Applesauce Muffins:

Cocoa, Enjoy Life chocolate chips and applesauce are some of the ingredients that make these delicious and moist. I also halved the sugar, as i often do both because I don't like things very sweet and I think the rest of the world is sugar addicted, and because they still taste good but are healthier!

Secondly, Macaroons!

This field of these tasty cocoanut treats was slightly over-baked only because I think they were too small. They also became a bit drier than i think they were meant to be. Definitely need to be bigger than a table spoon....I think I will try a small ice-cream scoop next time. Maybe halving the sugar affected them too, But with all that said and done, they were still mighty tasty and good friend to a cup of tea!

Happy gluten free adventures!


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