*GFCF* ~ Day #5: Holy, Guacamole!

Instead of Gluten and Dairy Free, I should really be saying GFCF, that is, Gluten-free and Casein-free. I can still eat whey and I'm not lactose-intolerant. I came across this in a cook book by Enjoy Life, a brand that doesn't have the top allergens, such as gluten, dairy, nuts, corn and soy, so that almost anyone can eat their baked goods. And they are also very good, as in delicious I may add. I inhaled a box of their chewy, cinnamon snickerdoodles...well, without the actual box of course.

I am in awe of the multitudinous ingredients available in the whole wide world, and slightly saddened by the fact that many people eat such a small range, allergic or not. I encourage you to have a tasty adventure. If you've always wanted to travel but never had the chance you can still travel in the world of food without going all that far, unless you happen to live in a bayou...(I understand, I grew up in a tiny hamlet beside a swamp)!

Without further delay, here is today's yummy morsel: guacamole! Simply mash ripe avocadoes with garlic, salt and lemon juice, all to taste. If you like you can add some finely chopped onion. If you can't eat corn chips, tastes good with rice crackers or on chili or as a spread on some gluten-free bread.


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