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Top 4

So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 ends next week. So here are some predictions:
Getting eliminated tomorrow: Courtney and either Mark or Twitch
The Top 4: Definitely Katee, Joshua and Chelsie
The Winner: Probably Katee or Joshua (I was originally thinking Katee, but I've come to the conclusion that Joshua is pure awesomeness too!)

Almost August

Well I've accomplished one of my summer goals: I've read the Chronicles of Narnia. However, my other goal, cleaning my room before July, failed horribly. But hopefully I will clean it before August!! Once I've done that I'm starting some art projects that I've wanted to begin for a while. And since I'm almost done it looks like some art is happening real soon!!! Yay!!


I was so shocked by Will's elimination yesterday. I was so sure Comfort and Mark were going home, as much as I love Mark I've been slowly coming to see how good Will is, while Mark, although he has had some amazing routines he has also had some really bad ones, especially since he got split up from Chelsea. I loved Will's solo on Wednesday and was so sure he was safe. Well, its kind of scary but I think my predication for top four may be right: Mark, Joshua, Katee and Chelsie (I just realized that I've been spelling that wrong this whole time). Anyways, that means that I predict that Courtney and Twitch are going home next week.

So You Think You Can Die

Ahhh, I'm dying right now from the torture. I was so disappointed with today's episode of So You Think You Can Dance because there was a whole lot of mediocre dancing, or moving around is really what it was...ok, let me explain, there were some descent performances tonight, but there were overall more disappointments. First of all, Kherington and Mark. I miss the old couples...and I'm really disliking Kherington. I think she may be going home. I don't really care. But Mark is one of my favourites and I really don't want to loose him yet! I blame the choreography, it was nothing special. Ok, maybe he needs a role to play when he dances, but those are the best kind anyway! Whatever, pretty much Katee is my favourite favourite, so I guess as long as she's there I'll watch. I think Will is good, but he's so serious...he doesn't really do anything for me...neither does Courtney. Ok, so that leaves Joshua, Twitch and Gev for the boys, all of which I like…

So You Think You Can Dance So Far

So now that half the dancers have been eliminated from SYTYCD Season 4 I thought I'd reflect on what has happened so far.
First of all, I don't know if its just me but somehow it seems that the dancers aren't quite as good as last season's. Maybe they were more technically trained last year or something. I don' know. Well, probably I'm thinking of the end of the season, when just the best were left. I'll have to revisit this theory after this whole season is over.
Ok, down to my favorite dancers and routines. From week 1 the routine that really sticks in my mind is Katee and Joshua's Hip Hop, army style, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo. The emotion was so believable and the movement so sharp. Chelsea and Mark's contemporary by Mia Michaels was a stand out as well.
In week 2, same two couples. The former doing Broadway, and the later performing the Argentine tango. Matt and Kourtni's foxtrot wasn't too bad either.
3rd week Joshua …


Yeah, so I still haven't completely finished cleaning my room; however, I have made some significant progress. I'm so close to actually accomplishing something I can almost taste it...and its delicious! Well anyways better get back to organizing stuff...