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Things that make me happy (ie. opposite of the things tat make me sad)

As a fan of the art form of film, I am saddened by bad movies that should have been good. Usually these are sequels to my favorite movies or ones that I have been looking forward to for a while. Examples of some of these disappointments are the new Star Wars Trilogy, the fourth Indianna Jones, the Matrix sequels and the list goes on. Naturally, when a good movie does come along the result is pure joy!
Just thinking about the Lord of the Rings movies makes me happy. Here are movies that were made with love, integrity, dedication and talent. If a LotR movie was ever made it would have to be good, and it was! Five years after the release of the Return of the King I still find my self smiling about it. Learning of the Hobbit movies that are going to be made I was excited but a little worried too, especially upon hearing that Peter Jackson would not be directing. But as soon as I discovered that he would, in fact, be writing and producing and the fantasy genius Guillermo del Toro would…