Saturday, August 9, 2008

Needle Felting

I am interested in dollmaking. "Lalunia," (la-loon-ya) after all, means little doll in Polish. But I have yet to make one. In my research I've encountered many different art forms in which dolls are made. There's ball joined dolls, polymer clay dolls, cloth dolls and needle sculpted dolls. When I was looking into this last kind I was thinking of the kind made from pantyhose; however, when I typed "needle sculpture" into the YouTube search bar what came up surprised me and really piqued my interest. It was something I had never heard of before called Needle Felting, seen here:

There's a website about it too:

While I think I'll start with a cloth doll (probably a pattern from needle sculpting with wool is something I would really love to look into!

And the Winner is....

JOSHUA!!! And I'm so happy. I really did think that he and Katee were going to be the top 2. But at least Katee was the top girl...and she got $50,000! I'm glad Twitch didn't win. I really like him but Katee and Joshua were both better overall. Courtney was of course eliminated first of the 4 which was no surprise.
Well, the finale was great. It was a really awesome end to the season. There were six jugdes: Lil' C, Nigel, Mary, Debbie Allen, Mia and Adam Shankman. Each picked their favourite routines from the season and they were performed again. Poor Katee was in at least 3. She must have done something like 10 dances in two days (for the finale and final results show). I think that the judge's choices were pretty good. My favourite "Bleeding Love" was in there (bringing back Mark and Chelsie, yay!), Joshua and Katee re-did Bollywood and "No Air." Katee also did that Pas de Deux number with Will and the one with Twitch and the door by Mia Michaels. (Yup, Katee rocks!!...and that was four routines.) Mark and Courtney did their crazy Burlesque love story by Sonya again. And Gev was back doing the Rumba with Courtney. Plus Twitch and Comfort did that robotic hip hop routine again (not my favourite but not bad and probably Comfort's best routine).
There were lots awesome guest performances too. Mary Murphy's dance with Dimitri was awesome... and Nigel tap dancing with Debbie Allen's students was quite entertaining. The top 20 were back with a group routine and there was also a best of SYTYCD routine with various dances from all the seasons such as Benji, Travis and Hok. They also showed what they're up to now. I was disappointed that there was nothing from Sabra though. Anyways, there was a popping battle between Phillip Chbeeb (the wavy arm guy) and Robert Murain (the double jointed freak of nature!). But my favourite performance was from Cirque de Soliel which was called Criss Angel's Believe. It was choreographed by Wade Robson and was dedicated to all the rabbits that died at the hands of incompetent magicians!
Well I'm left with a bittersweet feeling now that its over but there's the Olympics, then America's got Talent and then So You Think You Can Dance CANADA! So the fun is not over yet! I am looking forward to SYTYCD Canada but I have a feeling it won't be as good as the original especially without Nigel...whats a reality show without a British judge!! And the beautiful Cat Deeley, who is my all time favourite host. She's just so motherly and pleasant! Well, we'll see.
Once again YAY JOSHUA!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, so it turns out that only half of my prediction was right! Its so sad....Chelsie is so good at ballroom (and everything else!) and Mark is a little better than Twitch. Mark is just more versatile. Mark can pull off a ballroom routine, while Twitch not so much. In last Wednesday's Mambo Chelsie was spectacular, but was almost painful to watch him. Which reminds me of my theory...I really think that the dancers just aren't as good as in previous seasons. Ok, at least there were not as many good dancers or maybe the best dancers just didn't make it to the end. Will for example was great but for some reason got voted off...he or Mark are better and more versatile than Twitch. Well at least Joshua and Katee made it. They're the best and I really think one of them is going to win!