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My Philosophy on Art: An Expression of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

In this "Post-Modern" age of defenestrating all conventions in a claim that they are nothing more then that, I think we've thrown out somethings that we shouldn't have. It's like when you throw out your only good knife with all the vegetable peelings. I assume that booting out all those norms that past generations lived by was an attempt to free ourselves from the past. But freedom, I believe, is not synonymous with anarchy.

I think that this idea of convention vs. universal truth is key in unlocking the true definition of art. I once read a book that asked the question "what is art?" and the conclusion was basically that it is any expression that one makes of their feeling. Thus, if someone spits at the ground out of disgust, that is art. Suddenly, there are no universal norms, and art can be anything. Who's to say what makes something good art or bad art.

I can't deny that art is an expression. Usually an artist is inspired by something and the…