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In Spiration

Yesterday was a very important day in the Catholic liturgical year: It was Pentecost. Fifty days after Easter we celebrate the descending of Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had promised his disciples. With this arrival the disciples went from being afraid, isolated and inactive to being bold, mixing with people from many different cultures and proclaiming the freedom and truth that they had received.

Although not as dramatic, I felt a profound sense of fearlessness and joy yesterday, as I gathered with a group of others my age for an hour of praise and worship. Growing up I was afraid of the strange things that would happen to people when they "gave way to the spirit". I didn't understand it and I avoided it as much as I could.

Last fall I had the opportunity to go to a similar event of worship, called Duc in Altum (Latin for "Put out into the deep"). I was hesitant but I thought I should go. One of the things that usually happens to me at these emotional confrontat…

A Feat of Fondant

I had wanted to make fondant for a while. I researched it and the first method I found looked rather daunting, since it uses many rare-sounding ingredients. But then I found one that simply entailed melting marshmallows (or using a jar of "fluff" spread) and then mixing a whole load of icing sugar into it. So that is what I did and it basically became of soft mass that was essentially an uber-sweet, giant marshmallow. I had to work with it chilled because as soon as it warmed up it was too soft of even lift onto a cake. I also hand to cover my hands with butter and roll it on tons of confectioner's sugar. It was an interesting process and I loved the way the cakes looked (even though I didn't have the patience to iron out all the bumps and make it perfect). But due to the fact that it was mind numbingly sweet and a bit of s sticky mess I don't think I'll be doing it again in the near future. It was definitely worth the try though!

After I baked and cut one …