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Favorite Filmmakers

I was inspired to make a list of my favourite movie directors. Here are my top 10, plus a couple honourable mentions, counting down:************************************** Honourable Mention I~ James Cameron  Yes Avatar, The Terminator and Titanic were films of epic proporitons and don't get me wrong I think they're great. My favourite Cameron movie is probably The Abyss though, slightly less epic, though it still is, and more suspensy (to make up a word) and more hauntingly  sci-fi  yet more human somehow...

Honourable Mention II ~ Sofia Coppola I don't know a lot of her work but I did enjoy Lost in Translation and loved, loved, loved, Marie Antoinette. Her portrayal of the French Queen is poignant, creative and dazzling. The young Antoinette is shown to be a troubled person rather than an evil one. Her rock star escapist life style is amazing eye candy yet not too different than the quintessential teenager, except multiply that by 100!

10~ Ridley ScottEpic! Gladiator, Al…

My Adventures in G&D Free Food ~ Day #1: Quinoa and Korea

So I thought I'd post my recent experiments in my world of gluten- and dairy-free eating. And I thought I'd try this for at least a week straight. That makes today "Day #1." Here are some recent creations:

Super easy salad I just slapped together. Leftover quinoa with chick peas, tomato, cucumber, spinach, arugula and other mixed greens. Tossed with a simple homemade vinegrette: Olive oil, apple cidar vinegar, garlic, salt and spices.
For Dinner I mixed what was left of the salad with more quinoa and a nice juicy piece of wild salmon fillet. Plus one of my favourite Korean side dishes: Black beans marinated in soy sauce with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. They are salty with a hint of sweetness and their moist, soft exterior tranforms into a happily dense centre. So good!

On that note why don't i use this opportunity to promote Korean food. I only tried it in the last few years and now love it. Definitely one of my favorite Asian Cuisines!

Calligraphy is Captivating

Last year I bought a Lamy fountain pen with a refillable cartridge. Recently I ran out of ink so I bought some Winsor & Newton fountain and dip pen ink. Being equipped I began to write back to a few friends that I've been corresponding with the last few years the good old fashion way. Then when I was cleaning my room I found an old calligraphy set. There was a pen with three changeable ends, each with different width nib. The cartridges were all used up and did not appear refillable. So I just started dipping them the really, super old fashion way. And for super, uber awesome old fashionedness,  I a fixed one of the nibs to a feather...with masking tape, which I must now somehow creatively cover up...working on that.

 Anyhow, here is a small thing I recently "calligraphized." Great fun!

Delightful, Delicious Gluten- and Dairy-Free Dishes

Though eating gluten-free and dairy-free was initially a challenge it is getting easier and more exciting. I think this shift is because I've had to become more creative and resourceful and seek out new stores and products. If one rises to the challenge then it will not be a burden but rather become an adventure!

You'll have to give up fast food and other mediocre restaurants time I almost cried because I was so hungry and after a lengthy discussion with the waiter in order to find something I could eat they kept messing up my order....urgh! Anyhow...on to lovelier things: Cook and bake yourself and you have absolute control over what you a lot of fun!

Here are some dishes I had recently at home which were reallllly good...and healthy and contained nothing I'm allergic to!

Firstly, rice is my best friend! Rice cakes, rice cereal and just plain old wonderful rice. Rice with fish=one of the easiest and healthiest and yummiest meals you could eat! R…

Health Wars: Return of the Old-style Mentor (or Guru, Sensei, Master, Teacher, Grandpa...Jedi...Your Pick!)

Recently, I went through some health difficulties, one could call them. I spent a month in the hospital. It was a confusing and painful experience. The culprit, or at least what seemed to be the culprit, was Major Depressive Disorder.

Soon after being involuntarily admitted to the Nova Scotia psychiatric ward I was prescribed several sessions of Ultra-Brief Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT). Apparently ECT is commonly used in Nova Scotia, where I was at the time, and they are a leading province in terms good results from this treatment. Simply put, you are sedated, given muscle relaxants and then briefly given a targeted electric shock to your brain. This shock induces a seizure. The practice comes from the observation that epileptics experience a significant mood increase after an attack. One might have an impression of ECT as seen in the film "A Beautiful Mind" (I certainly did at first) but methods, research and technology have developed a lot since then, plus you are seda…