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The Unrequited Unknown

Unrequited Love. A familiar concept from literature, probably because its sting is a common human experience. Who has not deeply longed for something that was beyond their power to obtain?

Think back to adolescent infatuations. You are too shy to talk to the guy, so you spend your free time daydreaming about him. You imagine him saying "I love you," you imagine marrying him and having five kids and living by the ocean. The next day at school you find out he is dating the most popular girl in your class. Your self-esteem plummets and you think your self unlikable. "How could he not have noticed me," you think?

What the teen, getting used to her new hormones and floods of emotion, doesn't realize is that she was not in love with a person. She was in love with her idea of a person. She had formed an image of that guy in her brain, and desired what she saw there. She believes her happiness depends on his reciprocation. Unfortunately, this mindset prevails in many …