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Peace, Not Pieces

I  finally found a job! I've just finished my first couple of weeks at my first ever 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. But not so long ago, for what seemed like weeks without end, I was unemployed, unable to find work and had too much time to think. I am a thinker; part of my personality is being a head-in-the-clouds, idealistic thinker. But all this time and lack of stimulating activity got my already over-analyzing  brain going in circles. I can only take so much solitary pondering time before I start having an "existential crisis." 

It is kind of a cliche. I've officially hit quarter life and I for some reason I can't stop myself from asking: why do I exist? What could my measly actions ever accomplish?  What is the meaning of life?

Just as I plunge into this mental vortex of doom and am sure that my life is falling apart, into little pieces, strange things begin happening. And by strange I mean uncanny, seemingly coincidental and possibly even miraculous. No matter…