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The Sound of Silence

I found an adoration chapel with perpetual adoration at Yonge and Steeles. I'm so excited because I have been craving spending more time alone, in peaceful reflection, in refreshing prayer, with Jesus...and now I can go right after work any day of the week!

When I went for the first time to this little chapel last week, I found it hard to concentrate at first, but I tried to really surrender this and started by meditating on a decade of the Rosary. I chose the wedding at Cana, where Mary says "Do whatever He tells you." I knew I really just had to pray about God's will and allowing whatever that is for me. (My boyfriend and I had just been talking about God's will the night was mostly me ranting about how I don't get it. How are you supposed to know what God is telling you?)

After the decade I read over the daily readings and really got a sense of the importance of hoping, for waiting on God and keeping joyful. I realized that is how God is our st…