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Thankful Thursday

Did you look up today, at the crystal clear azure sky? Did you see the squirrels playing tag up and down the oaks? Did you feel the warm sun moderated by the autumn breeze? Did you feel truly happy?

I have dubbed this day of the week "Thankful Thursday." It is fitting because somehow I always seem to have a tough time on Thursdays. So combatting the temptation to grumpiness with gratitude is fitting. Also, being near the end of week, it is a good time for me to reflect on all that went right over the last several days. Friday brings it's own joy of weekend anticipation, but Thursday needs a little something. A little dash of gratitude.

A little goes a long way. Just like opening a door a crack can let in a mighty ray of light, all we need to do is open up a little bit to the good. The result is nothing short of miraculous. Noticing one little good thing, can lead to noticing another amazing thing, and another awe inspiring thing, and then some absolutely mind-blowing, mi…