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Oh, The Weather Inside is Frightful (PART I)

At the end of last winter I wrote this reflection :  We may be finally seeing warm bright summer-like days, but not too long ago winter was in full swing and it was cold and grey for what seemed like forever. Snow blanketed the sleeping hemisphere.  Ice had replaced the joyful trickling of streams and brookes. The cities were especially slushy, dirty and bleak.   But the weather wasn't necessarily only frightful outside during that time of year.  The winter can definitely also mean a nagging frigid mood on the inside. I had been thinking of these so called "winter blues" alot through February and March, as I found myself overcome with a particular kind of weariness most of the time in those months.  Well, February, which I've heard called "the most depressing month of the year" finally ended. Though the shortest month of the year, it seemed to drag on. We passed mental health awareness week and the Bell Let's Talk campaign, as well as anxiously awaited t…